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Ambrose D. Cedrone Lodge # 1069
Arlington Men's Lodge # 1349
Burlington Lodge # 2223
Cornelia dei Gracchi Lodge # 1583
Dante Alighieri Lodge # 648
Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Inaugural Speech
Francesco DeSanctis Lodge # 1411
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Greater Boston Renaissance Lodge # 2614
Lawrence Ladies Lodge # 2026
Melrose Lodge # 1931
Norwood Italian Lodge # 1235
Piave Fiume Lodge # 1036
Regina Margherita Di Savoia Mixed Lodge # 1094
Seacoast Area Lodge # 2303
Sgt. Guido Petrilli Lodge # 1606
St. Catherine of Siena Lodge # 2215
Venturia Romana Lodge # 1200
Wakefield Lodge # 1734
Winchester Men's Lodge # 1580
Winthrop Ladies Lodge # 2071
Woburn Ladies Lodge # 1584
Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183
Billerica Lodge # 2268
Christopher Columbus Lodge # 216
Cristoforo Colombo Regina Elena Lodge # 169
Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Biography
Figli D'Italia Lodge # 2692
G. Marconi Lodge # 1620
Granite State Lodge # 2380
ITAM Lodge # 564
Massimo d'Azeglio Lodge # 760
Minerva Lodge # 1846
Peter B. Gay Lodge # 540
Quattro Eroi Lodge # 1414
Santa Famiglia Lodge # 2834
Sempre Avanti Lodge # 1600
South Shore Men's Lodge # 1850
Venezia Lodge # 374
Victor Emanuel Ldkmodge # 1646,,,clx
Walpole Foxboro Lodge # 2641
Winchester Women's Lodge # 1592
Winthrop Mixed Lodge # 2057
Worcester Lodge # 168

Worcester Lodge # 168

The history of the Worcester Lodge # 168 comes from a combination of several lodges, each with its own inception.

Lodge Cristoforo Colombo # 168

Loggia Cristoforo Colombo has a long and honorable history that began on September 28, 1890 with the organization of the Mutual Benefit Society Cristoforo Colombo by Michele Valva. The society was organized to assist the Italian immigrants in their new country. In 1913, the membership voted to become the new Loggia Cristoforo Colombo # 168 in a national organization, the Order Sons of Italy in America. This was the first lodge organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Many of the Worcester organizers helped form the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Members of the first Grand Council included Worcester Lodge members: Assistant Grand Venerable Gaetano Cuccaro, Grand Financial Secretary Giuseppe DeMarco, and Grand Trustee Salvatore Bello.

Venerables of the Lodge: Pasquale Cuccaro, Pasquale Bertone, John J. Bello, Ignazio Colombo, Josephj Toscano, Domenic Conto, Alfred Molinari, Hon. Robert Robert Scola, Frank Astrella, James DiGiorno, Armand Monfreda, and Arthur Porcaro.

National Delegates: Pasquale Bertone, John J. Bello, Ignazio Colombo and Arthur Porcaro.

State Officers: Gaetano Cuccaro, Giuseppe DeMarco, Salvatore Bello, Felix Scricco, Joseph Toscano, and Ignazio Colombo.

The Worcester Boys Junior Lodge was organized in 1946. Arthur Porcaro was the first president.

Lodge Princess Maria Gabariella # 313

Formerly the Constanza Vittoria and Princess Yolanda Lodges.

In 1900, a group of Italian women under the leadership of Mrs. Joseph DeMarco and Mrs. Maria Gentelesco decided to form a ladies club. They had meetings in various homes and after a few years became a part of the Order Sons of Italy. It was the first organization of Italian women to be founded not only in Worcester, but in the United States. In the beginning, lodge meetings were held in both Italian and English.

The two ladies lodges merged into one and decided upon the new name of Princess Maria Gabriella in honor of the newly born daughter of Prince Umberto of Italy.

In the intervening years many of the members gave their time and energy to maintain the high standards of its founders. In 1950 the lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee and had a membership of over 500.

Venerables of the Lodge: Rosina DeMarco, Mary Bellomo, Mamie Vendeitti, Isabella Molinari, Marie Fretelli, Anna Scricoo, Cesidia DelSignor, Erminia Zamarro, Angela Capuano, Emma Poti, Anna Toscano, Dr. Italia D'Argenis Granata, Angela Gianuzzi, Clementina Ursoleo, Rae Elia, Minnie Trafecante, Gladys T. Bello, Lillian Fiorentino, Catherina Razzano, Mrs. Ralph Porcaro, Angela DiMauro and Rose Porcaro.

In 1933, the Princess Maria Gabriella Lodge organized the Worcester Girls Junior Lodge. Rose Bronzo was the first president.

In 1940, Dr. Joseph Grande organized the Worcester Girls and Boys Junior Drum Corp.

Worcester Lodge # 168

In 1982, the Cristoforo Colombo and Princess Maria Gabriella lodges merged into the Worcester Lodge # 168.

The first president of newly merged lodge was Arthur Porcaro, followed by Anthony Vigliotti, Rose Porcaro, Carmelita Bello, Michael Sacco, Mary Ann Bello, Kevin Mercadante, and Donna Giuiliani.

National Officers:
Arthur Porcaro- National Delegate
Carmelita Bello - National Recording Secretary, National Delegate, Budget Committee.

State Officers:
Louis Algieri - Trustee
Anthony Vigliotti - Trustee
Carmelita Bello - Trustee, State Recording Secretary, State Orator, State 1st Vice-President, Chairman - State Membership Commission
Mary Ann Bello - Trustee, Benefit Insurance Commissioner

The first Columbus Day celebration occurred in 1934. The Columbus Day Parade was also organized the same year.

The first issue of the National Sons of Italy newspaper was printed in Worcester by Alfred Marcello. Brother Marcello a member of the Worcester Lodge was national director of the OSIA news.

In 1958, the Worcester Lodge # 168 began the Achievement Banquet recognizing an Italian American in the community for their contributions. This award is given during the Columbus Day celebration. The tradition continues to occur annually.

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