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The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is one of the many state organizations of the National Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America. We are part of the oldest, largest and most geographically represented organization of Americans of Italian heritage in this country. The National Lodge was organized in New York in 1905. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was chartered in 1914 and encompasses Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

We are sons and daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers. We are corporate executives and we are union members, young students and retirees, teachers and attorneys, doctors and firefighters, and everything in between. We are philanthropists and we are model global citizens with purpose beyond ourselves. And we are proud and patriotic Americans of Italian heritage. 

Our Mission

The purpose of our organization is to enroll all eligible persons so that we may successfully promote national education, charitable fundraising, secure adequate laws for the benefit of its members, enrich Italian culture and heritage, and to combat discrimination while protecting and upholding the positive image of the people of Italian birth or descent.

Our Mission

Our History

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was chartered on January 25, 1914 as the fifth Grand Lodge in the Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America. The first Local Lodge, the Ettore Fieramosca Lodge # 60 was organized even earlier, in 1910. Over the years, over 230 Lodges would be formed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

Our Officers

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is led by a fantastic team that helps keep our organization strong and has each lodge's best interest in mind.

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The Charitable & Educational Trust of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts supports various charitable organizations and causes, several in partnership with the National Sons of Italy Foundation.

Join us and become a member!

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