Order Sons of Italy in America
Ordine Figli d'Italia in America
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Winchester Women's Lodge # 1592

The Winchester Lodge was named after the town and instituted on January 1, 1931.

Lodge Founders: Antonette Morrone, Ignazio Araro, and Letizia Frongillo.

Sponsor Woburn Women's Lodge meetings were held in each others' homes. When membership doubled, meetings were held at the old fire station on Swanton Street.

Starting with WWII through the present the lodge has supported the troops with "Knit for the Boys". Operation Cookie Bake and care packages for the boys and families in need.

Jennie Volpe is a member of the lodge and her husband John Volpe became Governor of the Commonwealth.

The Lodge supports projects in the community including the Winchester Scholarship given to a senior at the high school, public library, Muraco School. On Columbus Day the lodge celebrates the courage of Christopher Columbus and a memorial mass for the deceased members.

Members attaining State and National Offices:
Mary Valentino - State Financial Secretary
Anna Sacca - State Trustee
Eleanor Russo - Magazine Chairman
Margaret Perenick - Past First Lady
Laura Caira - Past First Lady

Venerables and Presidents:
Antoinette Marrone 1931-'33
Ignazio Asara '33-'34
Florence Ciarcia '34-'35
Lena Cimina '35-'37
Jennette Garbino '37-'39
Mary Tucci '39-41
Jennette Garbino '41-'42
Florence Ciarcia '43-'44
Marion Manoli '44-'47
Mary Machesi '47
Hilda Violante '47-'50
Philomena Corby '50-'53
Caroline Frongillo '53-'55
Lillian Ciarcia '55-'57
Frances Errico '57-59
Rose Fiore '59-'61
Geraldine Buzzotta '61-'63
Lorraine Maggio '63-'65
Geraldine D'Onfrio '65-67
Viola Bruno '67-'69
Eleanor Russo '69-'72
Angie Tuttle '72-'74
Kathleen Anderson '74-'76
Teresa Fiumara '76-'80
Angie Tuttle '80-'82
Elizabeth DiLoreto '82-'83
Margaret Perenick '83-'85
Rose Marie Adamkowski '85-'87
Mary Valentino '87-'91
Teresa Fiumara '91-'93
Anna Sacca '93-'97
Angie Tuttle '97-'99
Teresa Fiumara '99-2001
Anna Sacca '01-'03
Camille Colucci '03-'05
Teresa Fiumara '05-'09
Petrina Scotti Present

Meetings are held at the Sons of Italy Hall, 117 Swanton Street, Winchester, Ma. on the 2nd Monday at 7p.m.